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Thursday June 23, 2016

Mrs. Geneviève Aganier, Résidences Richeloises General Manager, Mr. Frédéric Soucy, Cogir Real Estate Vice-president, Mr. Gilles Plante, McMasterville mayor and Mr. Yvan Corriveau, Resident committee president, have met on June 22nd for a groundbreaking ceremony that marked the start of the Résidences Richeloises expansion project. This large-scale project, which represents an investment of close to $15 million, will include the construction of 105 new apartments as well as the optimization of resident services.


“By providing new apartments for independent seniors who are looking for minimum care services and better proximity to various amenities, our residence’s expansion project will meet the growing demand for an exceptional quality of life,”  explains Mrs. Geneviève Aganier. The opening of this residence’s new installations, orchestrated by Cogir Real Estate, is planned for July 1st, 2017. We will also take advantage of the construction project to improve the actual buidling, interior as well as exterior, in order to position The Résidences Richeloises as the residence by excellence in the area.


About Résidences Richeloises’ expansion project  

The Résidences Richeloises private seniors’ residence expands to meet the growing demand from seniors who are looking for an exceptional quality of life. Through its 105 new contemporary apartments and its wide array of services, Résidences Richeloises will offer a living environment fully suited to the personality, the preferences and the needs of every one of its residents. Anyone who is interested in living the Richeloises experience is invited to reserve their apartment immediately, and even choose its location and its view, by visiting (website in French only)

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