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A unique and innovative program at the heart of seniors’ life


Azur private retirement homes’ Healthy Aging program addresses nutrition, prevention of degenerative diseases and recreology. Developed in close collaboration with the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal, this agreement includes the implementation of weekly physical activity programs, cognitive stimulation programs, lectures on health and a health watch. These activities will be developed jointly by teams of researchers from the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal and specialized teams from AZUR private retirement homes.


Direct benefits for seniors in Quebec 


The Healthy Aging program is part of our organization’s objective of providing the latest health information to residents, their families, seniors in surrounding neighborhoods and our various teams. With this program, as a leader in private residences for seniors in Quebec, we want to contribute to the improvement of our seniors’ health and the prevention of certain diseases.



The outline of the program


Healthy Aging program will be deployed in the next few months across AZUR private retirement homes in Quebec, in collaboration with the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal. The program consists of the following elements:


  • Development of physical activity programs.


  • Development of cognitive stimulation activities.


  •  Implementation of new, innovative operational procedures by the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal


  •  Health-related lectures throughout Quebec, featuring various important issues affecting seniors (e.g. Alzheimer's disease).


  • Regular publication of articles on seniors’ health, in order to remain at the forefront of the latest innovations regarding senior health.




We invite you to visit AZUR private retirement homes’ website regularly, to discover the latest Healthy Aging initiatives. We also invite you to visit one of our homes to learn a little more about this innovative program. Our quality of living agents are available to discuss the many benefits of this program and the advantage of living in a retirement home.


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