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I am living at Manoir Manrèse since june 1st 2006. After several visits to various residences my choice finally stopped at Manoir Manrèse. I have never regretted my choice.

I found empathy, warmth from the staff and the opportunity to build friendships with several residents. The meetings in the dining room as well as during activities facilitate reconciliation.

Aline Lavoie, resident

My mother is in good hands!

"My name is Daniel  Riverin, I am  Clairette and Ms. Vézina’ son . I Now take care of all the responsibilities for my mother. On July 20, 2012 my mother fell in a shopping center and had to be hospitalized. To when we had the bad surprise that she could no longer take care of herself.

From the first meeting at manoir Champfleury, the team took the situation in hand. A room in another wing was given and all the services she needed were provided such as meals, getting up in the morning, put to sleep at night and care for their medication.
I would personally like to thank you on my name and on my mother’s name for all your staff.

Daniel Riverin et Clairet

The Manoir Manrèse, a pleasant living environment!

"For twenty years, I have been living in Manoir Manrèse and have not ceased to be happy. I love the ambiance of this place, where over time, I have made friends. The atmosphere is pleasant and social animation is first class, which allows those who want to stay active and fight against boredom to succeed. For me, Manoir Manrèse is a haven of peace in which to live."

René Bureau, résident

Thanks to everybody for being so welcoming!”

 “Right from the start, I was able to see that the environment was warm, full of respect and consideration for me. This is a dedicated team that cares about us, coupled with unparalleled professionalism and a gentle touch.

Thanks to everybody for being so welcoming!”

Renoir retirement homes

Great family spirit

 “What makes me happy is to have developed a great family spirit with the people I work with here. My best times are when I participate in activities with other residents. Overall, though, it’s the wonderful team spirit that makes me want to go to work!”

Renoir retirement homes

Thank you for your support

 I would like to thank the nursing staff efforts and concern they have shown during the death of my husband on February 3.

Thank you to the management and residents for their support, I am very grateful.

Not forgetting our chef Mathieu and his team for the beautiful and good buffet. All members of my big family wants to congratulate you all and say thank you.

Thérèse Bouffard Desr.



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