• Permanent
  • Full time
  • Available a weekend out of 2
  • Day

Job description

The cook is responsible for the preparation, seasoning, cooking and calculation of the portions of the food. The cook prepares and cooks such foodstuffs as soups, meats, vegetables and desserts and assures the maximum utilization of the produce. The cook receives, verifies and stores the merchandise as well as collaborates in the elaboration of the menus with the chef. The cook participates in the cleaning of the kitchen and is also responsible for the maintenance of his equipment and work space.

Qualifications required

  •  DEP in nutrition or equivalent experience
  •  3 to 5 years experience as cook
  •  Knowledge of stock management 
  •  Autonomous
  •  Shows initiative
  •  Team Spirit
  •  Tolerant to stress

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