18th Edition – April 15, 2020


Dear Residents,


Here is your daily update!


Your apartment is your best security! Remain with us, stay at home.


1. Caregivers

Yesterday, during his press conference, Quebec Premier François Legault referred to the possibility of receiving assistance from a caregiver under strict and well-defined conditions. This measure only applies to CHSLDs. We understand that you would like to see your caregivers. Unfortunately, for your protection, it is not allowed to give them access to a privately owned retirement home. We are closely complying with the directives issued by the Government of Quebec and public health authorities. Please rest assured that we will keep you informed when this is allowed.


2. Fire safety in a COVID-19 environment.

According to the Government of Quebec’s instructions, the following evacuation measures are applicable in an environment of pandemic and social distancing:

  • The evacuation guidelines in case of fire in the residence remain in force. We remind you not to use a balcony as an escape route.
  • The residence’s team will make sure that the escape routes (stairwells, hallways, and others) remain free of obstacles.
  • When the alarm sounds, you need to evacuate through the nearest door, while trying to maintain a two-metre (2 m) distance between residents as much as possible.
  • Wait for the emergency responders and follow the instructions of the personnel while maintaining a two-metre (2 m) distance between individuals.



3. Changing the tires on your automobile

You may have heard Quebec Premier François Legault announce that auto repair shops will be reopening. You will understand that this measure does not allow you to take your automobile out of the parking area. For everyone’s safety, yours, other residents and our staff, confinement measures depend on this. We will let you know as soon as it is possible to do this.

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