21st Edition – April 28, 2020


Dear Residents, 

Here is your daily info on COVID-19! 

Your apartment is your best security! Remain with us, stay at home.


1. What is happening with deconfinement?

On April 27, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that the confinement measures would be lifted for certain sectors of the economy and in certain regions. This major undertaking must be cautiously carried out and requires all the social distancing and sanitary thoroughness in evidence since the crisis began.

Retirement homes are not included in this process at this time. Therefore, as stated in the March 23rd Health and Social Services Minister’s order Number 2020-009, the following conditions are maintained:

Regular entry and egress from privately owned retirement homes, intermediary and family resources and long-term health-care facilities are forbidden, with the following exceptions:

  • Visits due to humanitarian reasons such as in an end-of-life situation;
  • Visits to provide care or services required by a resident’s health status;
  • Supervised outings;
  • Visits deemed necessary for the repair and maintenance required to ensure the safety of life-sustaining units.


We know that confinement measures will eventually be lifted in our retirement homes and we are currently working on a guide to make your life easier, and more importantly, to ensure your safety and your well-being. Together, we will overcome this challenge and we will do all that we can to make sure that this is done safely and in a way that will be satisfactory to you.


2. The “Family Window” 

Do not forget to invite your loved ones to visit you by taking advantage of our “Family Window” program. This activity is proving to be quite positive. We are waiting for you! Speak to our front desk personnel to reserve your time slot. 


We will get through this, but we mustn’t lower our guard!

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