22nd Edition – May 1, 2020


Dear Residents, 

Here is your daily info on COVID-19! 

Your apartment is your best security! Remain with us, stay at home.


1. Deconfinement Challenges 

During his Thursday press briefing, National Director of Public Health Horacio Arruda, mentioned that consideration was being given to the possible lifting of confinement rules in retirement homes.

Like you, we are eager to see these measures being relaxed, but we also care for your safety. The greatest worry we share with public health authorities concerns a second wave which could result from a too-sudden deconfinement. We must remember that there is currently no vaccine to guard against COVID-19, although the research on this matter appears quite promising.

The post-COVID-19 period will clearly lead us to do things differently on matters such as get-togethers, personal protection measures, ways to monitor entries into the residences, etc.

We are getting ready for the lifting of confinement measures. This may happen soon in some regions and later in others, but it will happen! We are proud of you and thank you for the valuable cooperation you have displayed up to this point, and which has been the key to our current collective success.


2. Dedicated Teams at Your Service

Every single Cogir team, inside your retirement home or in the Head Office, is mobilized to help you to enjoy life and to lighten the challenges resulting from the pandemic. Please feel free to contact us. We are there for you!


We will get through this, but we mustn’t lower our guard!

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