23rd Edition – May 6, 2020


Dear Residents, 

Here is your daily info on COVID-19!


Your apartment is your best security! Remain with us, stay at home.


1. The Initial Steps Leading to the Lifting of Confinement Measures 

On Tuesday, National Director of Public Health Horacio Arruda unveiled initial steps leading to the lifting of confinement measures in retirement homes. 

In the first place, we must remember that these confinement directives were issued by the public health authorities and they are the only ones who can amend their terms and conditions. As the ones who are responsible for the retirement home, we have an obligation to observe these rules, and we do it for the best interests of our residents.

Together, through everyone’s collective observance of the rules, we will succeed in safely lifting the confinement measures.

As expected, the lifting of confinement measures in retirement homes where there are no probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be carried out region by region and in accordance with the following compulsory sanitation rules:

  • At least two metres (six feet) of physical distancing between people who do not live in the same apartment;
  • Hand-washing hygiene when leaving and entering the residence;
  • A face covering worn in public areas together with the observance of distancing and sanitary rules;
  • A mask worn in accordance with procedures whenever physical distancing may not be observed due to needed assistance.


2. Flowers and Plants 

We are pleased to inform you that you may receive flowers on Mother’s Day and plants to beautify your apartment. 

As we do not know how the virus will react to plants, we have implemented a flower disinfection process. A product which is not harmful to plants and which is used in garden centres will be applied to the plants, followed by a 10-minute resting period prior to delivery to your apartment. 


3. Caregivers 

Yesterday, Quebec Premier François Legault granted access to SIGNIFICANT caregivers. It is understood that such caregivers are well-known in the retirement home for having provided care to their loved one inside the residence. 

As of May 11th, we will be pleased to see them return. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, they were continuously present and contributed to their loved one’s well-being. Prior to your caregiver’s arrival, you must ask him or her to contact the residence’s management to learn about the safety rules which protect our community. 

The following safety standards in force also apply to caregivers:

  • Sign in and sign out at the front desk;
  • Compulsory transit through the protection zone;
  • Use of personal protection equipment or “PPE” (mask, gloves and smock);
  • Only one (1) caregiver at a time;
  • No strolling through the residence.


More details from public health will be provided at the end of the week regarding a consent form and a guide published by the government of Quebec.


We will get through this, but we mustn’t lower our guard!

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