24th Edition – May 8, 2020


Dear Residents, 

Here is your daily info on COVID-19!


Your apartment is your best security! Remain with us, stay at home.


1. Lifting of Confinement Measures and Life Together 

Yesterday, public health authorities provided further information on the relaxation of confinement measures. 

We are pleased that you will once again get to see your loved ones. However, knowing that the virus is still present and to protect our community, we are implementing these rules which are effective immediately in the residence:

  • Unsupervised strolls: the weather is nice and outdoor strolls are quite enjoyable. We recommend that you remain on the grounds or on neighbouring streets.
  • All visits within the community are prohibited
  • Use of your automobile for essential trips is permitted.
  • We recommend that you sign the register when going out. If there is an outbreak within the community, it will be necessary to locate the people who have been in that area. The home reserves the right to monitor the temperature of residents as they return.
  • In the matter of visits to essential businesses, the Government is working on a plan to reserve a specific time slot for seniors.
  • Two-metre (six-foot) social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • The use of a face covering is compulsory as soon as you leave your apartment: because of the challenge in maintaining the required distance in the residence hallways, its elevators, its dining room or outside and because we cannot ensure observance of this precaution. When you wear a face covering, it protects other people from you and when they wear one, it protects you from them!
  • Hand washing upon leaving the residence and when returning: hand-washing stations will be placed outside the residence to assist you with this precaution.
  • All parcels coming into the retirement home must go through the decontamination zone and be disinfected by the front desk staff.
  • The “Family Window” will continue: we are keeping this project active for residents who wish to see their family while remaining inside the home.


Our staff, caregivers and public health workers will continue to wear personal protective equipment and go through the protective zone.

  ish to remind you of the public health authorities’ definition of a significant caregiver:

  • A significant caregiver is a person who is well-known in the retirement home for having regularly provided significant care to their loved one prior to the pandemic.
  • Significant care means help and support, notably moral support and comfort, on a daily basis, or several times weekly.


The Government of Quebec requires that the caregiver sign a guide and a consent form.


3. Face Covering and Procedure Mask (Disposable) 

Face coverings must be obtained from your family. 

If you cannot obtain one from your family, you may purchase one, at cost, from the residence, subject to availability. The sale of face coverings is a temporary measure, and the availability of masks is quite limited.


4. COVID-19 Cases in the Residence 

If a case of COVID-19 is found to be probable or is confirmed in the retirement home, the resident will immediately be placed in isolation as required by public health authorities.

However, depending on the severity of the outbreak, we reserve the right to confine, in whole or in part, the entire residence in cooperation with public health authorities.


We will get through this, but we mustn’t lower our guard!


Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers! 

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