25th Edition – May 15, 2020


Dear Residents,

To keep you well informed, here is your daily INFO COVID-19.


1. REMINDER: Public Health Guidelines Concerning the Relaxation of Confinement Measures.

The sun and warm weather are on their way back, making outdoor strolls more enticing.

Nevertheless, our invisible enemy is still out there, and we feel it is important to remind you of some vital rules to avoid an outbreak inside the residence.

  • No visitors will be allowed inside the residence.
  • Significant caregivers are welcome. They must, however, comply with the Government of Quebec’s guidelines.
  • We recommend that you sign the register when going out. If there is an outbreak within the neighbourhood, it will be necessary to locate the people who have been in that area. The home reserves the right to monitor the temperature of residents as they return.
  • Two-metre (six-foot) social distancing must be maintained at all times.
  • Due to the challenge of maintaining a proper distance in the hallways, outdoors, elevators or dining room, it is compulsory for you to wear a face covering as soon as you leave your apartment. By wearing a face covering, you protect others as well as yourself.
  • Please wash your hands when leaving the residence and upon your return; Hand-washing stations will be placed outside the residence to assist you with this precaution.
  • Packages will be disinfected when they are introduced into the residence.
  • The “Family Window” will be maintained: we are keeping this project active for residents who wish to see their family members and speak to them while remaining inside the home.


Please note that if you prefer to remain in your apartment, our squad is there and will be pleased to assist you with on-line orders, virtual calls with loved ones, etc. It is up to you. Your well-being and your safety are our top priority.


2. Return of Residents Who Temporarily Moved Out:

New rules now allow the return of residents who temporarily moved into a loved one’s home. Certain conditions apply to ensure our community’s safety. We recommend that you get in touch with management to learn all the details. Welcome! We missed you!

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for continuing to work with us in complying with public health recommendations, thereby protecting us all from the virus and helping us to deal with it. Together, we will get through these exceptional times.

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