26th Edition – May 22, 2020


Dear Residents,

To keep you well informed, here is your daily INFO COVID-19.


1. Housekeeping:

The latest Government of Quebec guidelines allow for housekeeping services to resume, subject to maintaining a two-metre distance between yourself and the housekeeper. The following services are allowed:

  • Cleaning the bathroom;
  • Cleaning the countertops and other kitchen surfaces;
  • Emptying and cleaning garbage pails;
  • Vacuuming;
  • Washing the dishes as required.

Other services, such as indoor window washing or installation of decorative shelving, which are not needed for health purposes, are not permitted.

We are quite pleased to provide these services once again. Feel free to contact management with any question you may have.


2. Apartment Rental:

Also allowed under the latest Government of Quebec guidelines is our ability to welcome clients interested in retirement home life. As you are aware, many seniors had trouble dealing with the isolation and lack of resources (food, entertainment, security, etc.) while living in their house or condo.

Highly aware of the need to maintain safety measures, our quality of life counsellors have been given a specific protocol to greet their clients. Rest assured that we are quite conscientious in seeing to the safety of these visits while allowing these seniors to make their home with us.


3. Personal Services: 

Like you, we look forward to seeing our hairdresser, beautician, physical therapist, etc. Unfortunately, the Government of Quebec’s guidelines are quite clear: no personal service is currently allowed in retirement homes. Just like you, we are eager to see these measures relaxed. As soon as that happens, we will gladly and quickly share this information with you. 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for joining us in maintaining the efforts to comply with the public health recommendations. It is nice to see daily life resume its normal pace!

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