27th Edition – May 28, 2020


Dear Residents,

To keep you well informed, here is your daily INFO COVID-19.


1. Housekeeping Carried Out by Outside Employees 

The Government of Quebec has issued new guidelines allowing you to call upon outside personnel services to have housekeeping duties carried out by non-residence workers. The services to be carried out are the same as those provided by our staff, namely cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the countertops and other kitchen surfaces, emptying and cleaning garbage pails and vacuuming.

Other services which are not needed for health purposes, such as indoor window washing or installation of decorative shelving, are not permitted.

For your safety, as well as the safety of all residents and staff members, conditions must be enforced for such outside service providers to have access. They will be required to sign a consent form and a guide listing the permitted activities within the residence. They will also need to wear personal protective equipment. To ensure free traffic flow inside the residence and avoid gatherings at the front desk or in elevators, please contact management to set an access schedule for these workers.

Thank you for your valuable cooperation in ensuring compliance with these guidelines.


2. Hairdresser 

Our beauty wizards are back! Hairdressers will soon resume business. For now, the hair salon’s services are limited to residents. 

You will soon receive a memo to provide you with the opening date and operating guidelines.


3. Multi-Service Centre (MSC) 

Several of the MSC professionals will very shortly resume their activities. We will inform you as soon as conditions for a safe and efficient reopening of our MSC are satisfied.


4. Outdoor Furniture 

The outdoor furniture is available and set up in such a way as to comply with physical distancing requirements. Disinfection of the outdoor furniture is a part of our staff’s duties. However, we call upon our residents to display some personal responsibility. Residents, if they so desire, can clean it prior to use. 

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your great cooperation. Together, we will get through these exceptional times.

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