28th Edition – June 4, 2020



Dear Residents, 

To keep you well informed, here is your daily INFO COVID-19.


1. Additional Details on the Lifting of Confinement Measures

The pace of lifted confinement measures is increasing daily, and we are quite happy about that. Our fondest wish is to see you all recover the freedom you usually enjoy in our home. Nevertheless, public health authorities are keeping some measures in place and we must carry them out inside the residence for physical distancing purposes.

  • Use of the home’s swimming pool and gym: We are not allowed to open our swimming pool and gym. However, we may use these facilities in the course of activities organized by our recreational department; 
  • Bus service: We cannot allow access to the bus as long as we must comply with governmental physical distancing guidelines; 
  • Gatherings outside the residence are allowed up to a maximum of ten (10) people, subject, of course, to the use of a mask and compliance with the required distancing.

We are convinced that various Government guidelines will soon be modified, and we will keep you informed as the changes are announced.


2. A REMINDER: Hairdresser

Hairdressers resumed operations last Monday, except in the Greater Montreal area, where reopening will take place on June 15. To ensure your safety, our professionals have been given instructions on how to disinfect their premises and equipment and will tend to your beauty needs while wearing a mask.


3. Multi-Service Centre (MSC) 

As stated in our last bulletin, many of the MSC professionals are gradually resuming their operations. You must contact the person in charge of the MSC to learn the official opening dates as well as who will be available to greet you.

The June weather should be nice. Enjoy it! We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your great cooperation. Together, we will get through these exceptional times.

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