29th Edition – June 12, 2020


Dear Residents, 

To keep you well informed, here is your daily INFO COVID-19.


1. New Information Concerning the Relaxation of Confinement Measures: 

We have good news! You may now travel by bus or electric car while observing public health authority rules. 

Because of the need to comply with the two-metre physical distancing requirement, we will unfortunately not be able to accommodate as many passengers as before. Therefore, priority will be given to essential outings such as the purchase of groceries or medication, or banking transactions. 

Thank you for your valued cooperation. The residence’s management will provide you with instructions on bus outings shortly.

The same applies to retirement homes equipped with an electric car. Instructions concerning its use can be obtained at the front desk to those people who were already availing themselves of this service.

We are sure that public health authorities will soon announce the relaxation of other measures. We will keep you informed.


2. “Stay Connected” Program 

With normal life gradually resuming, we have decided to end this program. We wish to express our warmest appreciation to all volunteers who have taken part in this great virtual gathering project during the confinement period.

If you want to keep in touch with one or more volunteers, please contact management which will take the proper steps in this matter.


3. A REMINDER: Multi-Service Centre (MSC) 

As stated in our last bulletin, many of the MSC professionals are gradually resuming their operations. You must contact the person in charge of the MSC to learn the official opening dates as well as who will be available to greet you. 

During this pandemic, our values are focused on creating a human touch, excelling and being creative. These values have been the guiding light which has prompted us to enhance your well-being. Let us continue together. Never lower your guard!

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