30th Edition – June 19, 2020


Dear Residents, 

To begin with, we would like to wish a great Father’s Day to all the men who are and have been so important in the lives of every one among us.

The greatest poem anyone can imagine is summarized by these five words: “Thanks Dad, I love you!”

We have great news!

New Rules Concerning the Relaxation of Confinement Measures. The following measures are effective immediately:

  • Unsupervised outings: no restrictions;
  • Absence of current residents for a stay in the community in excess of 24 hours: no restrictions;
  • Visitors: Visits allowed in the tenant’s apartment; wandering in the common areas is not allowed;
  • Outdoor gatherings: Allowed, subject to two-metre (2 m) distancing and limited to a maximum of ten (10) people;
  • Care personnel (dentists, dental hygienists, hearing aid specialists, etc.): Allowed beginning on June 26;
  • Staff hired by the resident or the resident’s family, regardless of services or care provided (hairdresser, companion, etc.): Allowed beginning on June 26;
  • Volunteers and entertainment activities provided by the residence (pet therapy, singer songwriters, etc.): Allowed beginning on June 26;
  • Presence of caregiving loved ones to provide significant help or support: Allowed, subject to having a consent form;
  • Acceptance of new residents: Allowed without restrictions;
  • Meals in the dining room: Allowed, subject to social distancing;
  • Meals in the room or in the privileged rental unit: Not privileged, but the resident may have the meal in the unit;
  • Isolation in the room or in the rental unit: No (except for COVID-19 cases);
  • Indoor group activities: Allowed subject to social distancing;
  • Outdoor group activities: Allowed, subject to social distancing.
  • Swimming pool and gym: Allowed, subject to social distancing and under the supervision of activities personnel.


Measures maintained for your protection. As Dr. Arruda often repeats, it’s not over! The following measures will be maintained to minimize the risks:

  • Hand-washing stations will be maintained;
  • Visitors’ sign-in register is maintained;
  • Personnel will don their uniforms inside the residence; the protective zone will be closed;
  • Caregivers must sign a consent form;
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn when walking inside the residence;
  • The two-metre (2 m) or six-foot (6 ft.) physical distancing requirement remains in force;
  • Effective July 1, visiting hours will return to their pre-confinement schedule;
  • We are counting on your valued cooperation to comply with disinfection measures concerning items which enter your apartment;


Once again, we wish to thank you and congratulate you on your efforts to help ensure that our retirement homes remain friendly and reassuring.  

Our values are focused on creating a human touch, excelling and being creative. These values are the guiding light which prompts us to enhance your well-being. Let us continue together. Never lower your guard!

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