31st Edition – July 2, 2020

Dear Residents,

We hope that you are enjoying your summer and that you are taking full advantage of the nice weather. It is important for you to remain cautious, because we will have several intense heat episodes during the season. Take care of yourselves by remaining regularly hydrated and protect yourselves from the sun! 

We have received the latest guidelines concerning the easing of confinement measures. As promised, we are sharing them with you:

  • New resident arrival or return of a resident following a stay within the community (family, friends, etc.): no test or 14-day isolation is required. Rest assured, however, no new resident with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 will be admitted into the residence.
  • Following a stay in the emergency room in excess of 24 hours, or after hospitalization: a compulsory screening test is required prior to leaving the hospital. No preventive isolation is required following a negative result except for the care unit where screening and isolation are mandatory.
  • Following a stay in the emergency room of less than 24 hours or a medical appointment in a hospital or in an outpatient clinic: no screening test or preventive isolation is required.
  • Access to swimming pools and gyms in our retirement homes is now allowed. Physical distancing and hygiene measures are important, and we invite you to contact management to learn how to use this equipment.

A REMINDER: Some measures are being maintained for your protection.

As stated repeatedly by public health authorities, the virus is still with us and we remain at risk! We are maintaining certain measures to ensure the safety of our community. 

  • Hand-washing stations will be maintained.?
  • Visitors’ sign-in register is maintained.?
  • Personnel will don their uniforms inside the residence. On the other hand, the protective zone will be removed.
  • Caregivers must sign a consent form.
  • Masks or face coverings must be worn inside the residence.
  • The two-metre (2 m) or six-foot (6 ft.) physical distancing requirement remains in force.


Allow us to remind you how important it is for you to sign the register. The register is the basic source of information needed by public health authorities in the event of an outbreak either inside or outside the residence. The key to avoid the virus’ spread lies in the ability to quickly track anyone who has been in contact with a contagious individual.

Once again, we wish to thank you and congratulate you on your efforts to help ensure that our retirement homes remain friendly and reassuring.

Our values are focused on creating a human touch, excelling and being creative. These values are the guiding light which prompts us to enhance your well-being. Let us continue together. Never lower your guard!

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