32nd Edition – July 9, 2020

Dear Residents,

We remain under extreme heat warning. Be careful. A heat wave can affect your health. Drink a lot of water, stay in the shade, and remain in an air-conditioned area if possible. Take good care of yourselves!

After this long confinement period, everyone is happy and eager to go out and see friends and family. However, with the unruly behaviour we have witnessed on television over the last few weekends, we couldn’t help but notice a certain laxity which could reawaken the pandemic.

To ensure your safety and the safety of our colleagues, we hereby remind you of certain barrier measures which are critical to our common fight against the virus: 

  • Wash your hands every time you leave your apartment, and whenever you return as well as wherever you go, either in the residence or outside;
  • Sign in the register at the entrance and make sure your visitors know the importance of doing the same;  
  • Wear a face covering or a mask whenever you leave your apartment;
  • Make sure you respect a two-metre (six-foot) distance from others wherever you go;
  • Remind those people dear to you that these guidelines apply to them as well, and make them aware of how important it is to respect them! 


Self-monitoring of symptoms:

Prevention and early diagnosis help in avoiding the spread of the virus. Identifying COVID-19 symptoms is difficult. To assist you, we will provide you with a list which will help in checking certain criteria such as your temperature, a cough, etc. Therefore, should you experience one or a number of these symptoms, you will quickly be able to meet one of our nursing staff members and be advised on the steps to follow.


Outside service providers:

Some tenants have dealings with outside providers for various services such as personal care or housekeeping. These outside providers must sign a consent form. They will also be given a guide which contains the rules to be followed whenever they come to the residence. We have unfortunately noted a number of shortcomings, and we request your cooperation in ensuring that the outside supplier comply with every rule listed in the guide, failing which we will be forced to refuse that person access to the residence. For more information in this matter, please contact the general management.

The Info-Covid newsletter will take a summer break. Unless there is an emergency, we will be back with an update during the month of August. Thank you for your confidence and your valued cooperation. We wish you a pleasant summer. Let us continue together. Never lower your guard!

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