How to create a Facebook page

How to create a Facebook page

Follow these steps. You will learn how to create a Facebook profile.

1. Go to in your web browser to sign up.

2. The home page shows you how easy it is to get started. Simply complete the form with your basic information (first name, last name, email or cell phone address, password, date of birth and gender), then click on the green “Sign Up” button at the bottom. Note that if you choose to enter an email address, Facebook will suggest friends to you by matching the addresses in the contact list of your email account to people who already have accounts on Facebook.

3. Facebook will send a five (5)-digit code to your email address or to your cell phone. You must confirm the contact information you provided by entering that code in the appropriate box. Then click on “Continue”.

4. Then choose a profile picture. Just select “Add picture”, then choose an image of yourself already saved on your computer. It is better if you select a picture of yourself (alone or with other people), to make it easier for people to recognize your Facebook profile and connect with you. You just have to choose the one that seems the most representative, because everyone will be able to see your profile picture, whether it is your "friend" or not. When you have selected the desired image, click “Open”. Alternatively, you can also use the camera on your device to take a snapshot of yourself. Click on “Take a photo” with your webcam and then take a photo. If you like the photo you can click “Save” or take a new photo if you are not satisfied.

5. Now is the time to find people you know, which is, locating individuals you want to be in touch with through their name or email address. This can be a colleague or former colleague, a member of your family, your friend, etc. You can also skip this step and go directly to privacy settings.

6. Then, in the Get to know your privacy settings section, simply click on “Take a Privacy Tour” to see the four slides that will shed more light on how your privacy settings work. You can change these settings at any time and on all your posts to control who will have access to your content.

7. Once this is completed, you are officially signed up on Facebook. Congratulations! You can access your profile which is identified by your first name at the top of the page, to the right of the search bar, to add any missing information.

8. You can now complete your account by adding the information (on your profile) that you want to share with your friends. For example, your hometown, your current city, the high school, college and/or university you went to, as well as your job or former job. As you type, Facebook will suggest places it knows; click on one to select it more quickly and easily. This information will allow Facebook to suggest people you may know and thus allow you to contact people you have lost touch with over the years. Click “Add friend” next to anyone you want to send a friend request to, and then wait for the person to confirm your friend request.

9. You can also Add a cover photo. A cover photo is your profile wallpaper. It consists of a banner that you choose yourself by selecting a photo already saved on your computer using the “Upload photo” option. This image can be a landscape, a photo of you and your family or simply an image that you appreciate and which represents you since it will appear in the background of your profile picture. You can drag it from top to bottom and left to right if you don't like the framing of the image. When you are done, you can click on “Save changes”.

10. Congratulations! You are done setting up your Facebook profile. Remember that you can change the information displayed on your personal page at any time. You can now share publications, photos and videos with your friends and family!

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