A nice addition to the Multi-Service Centres' offer!

A nice addition to the Multi-Service Centres' offer!

Cogir Retirement Homes in the Quebec City Region Sign a New Agreement with the Hearing Aid Specialist Firm of Bérubé Brassard

Beginning this August, Mr. Joël Bérubé, hearing aid acoustician and owner of the firm, will provide the following services through the Cogir residences’ Multi-Service Centres:

  1. consultations
  2. auditory screening
  3. return of defective hearing aids within 24 hours
  4. minor repairs
  5. checking and preventative cleaning of hearing aids
  6. sale of batteries and cleaning products.

The Multi-Service Centres, a Unique and Innovative Concept

In its search to satisfy the needs of tomorrow’s retirees, Cogir Real Estate is constantly re-imagining the living spaces and the services it offers to seniors. In 2014, Cogir became the private retirement home industry’s first and only network to develop the Multi-Service Centre concept. These centres provide the services of various certified and specialized professionals who cater to the needs of seniors while they remain in the comfort of their own retirement home.

Over twenty Multi-Service Centres are currently operating throughout the province. They bring together some one hundred partners and over 25 value-added services.

About Bérubé Brassard Audioprothésistes

On March 7, 1994, Ms. Josée Brassard, a 1986 graduate and Mr. Joël Bérubé, a 1989 graduate, formed a partnership under the name Bérubé Brassard Audioprothésistes.

With its team of dedicated hearing-aid specialists and administrative assistants, Bérubé Brassard has earned an enviable reputation, focusing on customer service, a professional approach and competence. Between 2017 and 2018, Mr. Bérubé’s daughters earned their audioprosthetist degrees and proudly joined the Bérubé Brassard family.

At Bérubé Brassard Audioprothésistes, we are aware of how important your hearing acuity is to you. That is why our hearing-aid specialist team is constantly upgrading its skills to provide you with the best in hearing aids and to keep you informed of the latest technology. We work in concert with audiologists and with ear, nose and throat specialists to make your assessment and fittings easier.

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