Seniors from l'Émérite Assemble a Rainbow Footbridge

Seniors from l'Émérite Assemble a Rainbow Footbridge

Source: Courrier du Sud - Audrey Leduc-Brodeur

Seniors at Brossard’s L’Émérite retirement home brightened up the footbridge linking the residence’s two buildings by making rainbow-coloured garlands out of more than 5,400 bits of paper.

Francine Leblanc, the residence’s recreation officer, initiated the project. She was inspired by the garlands that she made as a child. “The rainbow was a natural choice, having become a symbol of hope during confinement,” she explains.

“It was a team effort. One of the residents would cut up the sheets, and six others would assemble them. After that, we would install the garlands. This final step required six and a half hours of work,” said Ms. Leblanc.

She stated that a full week was needed to complete the project.

The recreation officer emphasizes the camaraderie which prevailed within the group during this activity. Moreover, “it allowed the residents to keep busy during the confinement in their apartments due to the pandemic,” adds Ms. Leblanc.

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