Cogir Retirement Homes Thank Residents and Staff by Launching the MusiBouffe Festival!

Cogir Retirement Homes Thank Residents and Staff by Launching the MusiBouffe Festival!

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Cogir retirement homes’ MusiBouffe Festival, a true celebration for the mouth and for the ears. The singer-comedian Alain Dumas will headline the first outdoor show at Longueuil’s Clair Matin residence.

Inspired by the many balcony-based activities of recent months, residents and staff will enjoy listening to outdoor concerts on the grounds of various Cogir retirement homes in the province and appreciate an appetizing food truck menu while still complying with government mandated measures. Their choice will include a mini mac & cheese with bacon, pulled pork and onion chip tacos and mini poutines. A vegetarian choice will also be on hand for those who wish it. “Our seniors have displayed a great deal of resilience in the last few months. Their smile and their ability to appreciate every one of life’s little pleasures have truly been a source of inspiration. We wanted to express our gratitude and celebrate with them,” says Frédéric Soucy, President of Cogir Management. He adds that both Alain Dumas and Maxime Landry promptly accepted the invitation. “There is a noticeable degree of solidarity on the part of the public when it comes to seniors. It is as if last spring’s events had strengthened the love and respect we have for them,” adds Jean-Éric Lemieux, Cogir’s Regional Food Service Director as he explains how happy the food truck owners were in taking part in this great celebration. “We would never have made it through the recent months if it had not been for the unlimited dedication of our employees. We wanted to give them a great big thank you,” states Yves Duguay, Cogir Private Retirement Homes’ Operations Vice-President.

There is something magical in singing in front of an audience of seniors. In fact, I should say that I sing with an audience of seniors. It is like a big family party,” admits a smiling Maxime Landry.

Alain Dumas has trouble hiding his feelings. “I am touched with every show. It feels like getting a huge dose of love. It’s like WOW!

These entertainers will travel throughout the province and will give two shows per day: Alain Dumas will sing the greatest hits of crooners ranging from Sinatra to Bublé, and add a touch of humour, while Maxime Landry will perform a number of his most successful songs as well as those of other musicians whom the seniors will recognize and enjoy.

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