33rd Edition – September 16, 2020



Dear Residents, 

Even if life has slowly returned to normal during the summer, the virus is unfortunately still with us. Therefore, to avoid a recurrence of COVID-19 cases in retirement homes, the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux (department of health and social services) has issued specific guidelines during its September 15 press briefing. 

We are sure that no one wishes to relive last spring’s Government-imposed restrictions. That is why EVERYONE must comply with the following guidelines.

  • Residents are required to wear a surgical mask or a face covering whenever they move about in the residence, outside of their rental unit.
  • All visitors including children, except for those less than two years old, are required to wear a surgical mask or a face covering belonging to that visitor, whenever they move about in the residence.
  • The retirement home is required to keep a register to manage the movement of residents and regular staff in and out of the residence in order to help with contact tracing should a breakout occur. Also, in the case of visitors, family caregivers, non-regular residence personnel providing care or services (dentists, dental hygienists, hearing aid specialists, etc.), staff hired by the family and volunteers, the register must include that person’s contact information so that he or she may quickly be reached by public health authorities in the event of a breakout and placed in preventative isolation if needed.

You are already familiar with these requirements and we thank you because most of you are already rigorously complying with them. For everyone’s safety, it is crucial to maintain these preventative measures and to continue:

  • To frequently wash one’s hands for 20 seconds;
  • To cover one’s mouth and nose with the crook of the arm when coughing or sneezing;
  • To maintain a two-metre (six-foot) distance from others;
  • To inform the residence staff of any sign or symptom compatible with COVID-19.

Together, we will help to protect everyone’s health and well-being!

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