Orange zone - Retirement Home


36th Edition – October 16, 2020


Dear Residents, Family members and Loved ones, 

Your Weekly Advice!

The more we understand how the COVID-19 virus works, the better we can protect ourselves. In addition to the guidelines issued by public health authorities, we now know that gatherings are an important source of contagion. We are therefore taking this opportunity to remind you that you should avoid gatherings as much as possible.

Moreover, the virus remains present. It does not differentiate between individuals when it spreads. The risk of contamination is unchanged whether the contaminated people are strangers, friends or family. 

As was the case last spring, electronic tablets will be available for residents who wish to make video calls to their loved ones. Feel free to speak to a member of our team if you wish to use this service.


Multi-Service Centre 

Great News! The MSC will remain open to provide essential services exclusively to residents. We recommend that you get in touch with your residence’s MSC to get a list of the services being provided.

This is a reminder of the specific guidelines for retirement homes located in orange zones which do not have a particular virus-related situation such as an outbreak of one or more cases in the residence.


  • Observe a two-metre distance
  • Correctly wear a face covering over your nose and mouth. Refrain from wearing a face covering around your neck. Use the band behind the ears to remove it when it is no longer needed. Refrain from touching the exterior of the face covering.
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Sign the register for tracing purposes every time you exit or enter the residence.


What is Allowed or Open Within the Residence

  • Going outside the residence – allowed but limited and subject to compliance with public health guidelines
  • Visitors other than family caregivers – allowed subject to a maximum of six (6) people at a time.
  • Visits by family caregivers – allowed, two (2) at a time inside the residence and six (6) people at a time on residence grounds, subject to compliance with guidelines.
  • Services provided in the residence (e.g. hairdressing) – allowed subject to compliance with guidelines
  • Deliveries (medication, groceries, etc.) to residents – allowed subject to having the package left at the front desk and being disinfected
  • Dining room – open, subject to social distancing and with a limited number of people
  • Personal assistance services – allowed
  • Cleaning of resident’s clothes by family – allowed with a maximum of two (2) people at a time, subject to compliance with guidelines
  • Group activities within the residence – allowed subject to compliance with guidelines and staying within the bubble. Maximum of 25 people
  • Cleaning of clothing and bedding as offered by the residence – allowed
  • Medication distribution and management – allowed


Not Allowed, Closed or Suspended Within the Residence

  • The common areas of the residence – closed
  • Pets accompanying a family caregiver – not allowed
  • Outside volunteers – not allowed
  • Workers (e.g. housekeepers) and professionals hired either by the resident or by the home – not allowed except for essential services.
  • Housekeeping in the rental units – reduced frequency unless the resident’s safety and well-being are jeopardized 

We fully subscribe to the public health authorities’ guidelines. Our staff members are on the job to keep making your life as enjoyable as possible while ensuring that all necessary protection is in place to preserve your health and that of your loved ones.                                                     

We will quickly keep you informed whenever there are changes in the public health policies. The management team is available to provide you with more details on the situation as it pertains to your residence. We will go on together and we will not lower our guard!

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