A Very Special Chat Over Coffee for the seniors at Résidence Memphremagog

A Very Special Chat Over Coffee for the seniors at Résidence Memphremagog

A very special virtual chat over coffee was hosted by none other than Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland.

Residents of the Memphremagog retirement home were invited to chat with these distinguished individuals on a series of issues including their daily lives over the past year, on budget announcements of concern to seniors and on more entertaining and fun subjects.

We were quite excited to receive a proposal for such a meeting. Our residents, most of whom remember the Pierre Elliott Trudeau era, were very eager to chat with his son. The questions varied from the very serious to the very light-hearted. This morning, we could feel the excitement as people looked forward to this afternoon’s event,” added Rébecca Chapdelaine, Operations Officer in the Memphremagog residence.

As they recalled their experience, residents were both delighted and emotional. “It was such a beautiful experience! We saw different sides of the Prime Minister: not only as the politician, but also as a father. I asked him many questions about his children!” marvelled Ms. Rachel Sauvé. “I found the Prime Minister to be very down to earth, very open. He was very easy to talk to,” she added.  “I am quite happy with my day; it was a great experience!” stated a smiling Juliette Roy. “I have rediscovered my Prime Minister,” concluded Ms. Huguette Lapalme.

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